Agricultural Crops

  • egyptian lemon exports

    Egyptian Lemon

    Country of origin: Egypt Egyptian lemons occupy a prominent position in the global fruit market, as they are famous for…

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  • sweet potato importers

    Sweet Potato

    Country of origin: Egypt Sweet potatoes are a very tasty and nutritious vegetable. It is saturated with essential vitamins and…

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  • egyptian pomegranate

    Egyptian Pomegranate

    Country of origin: Egypt Egyptian pomegranate is an autumnal fruit, delicious and useful. It is cultivated in warm regions and…

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  • import dates from egypt

    Egyptian dates

    Country of origin: Egypt Saudi Arabia and Egypt both have a significant advantage in exporting egyptian dates. In 2021, Saudi…

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  • Sunflower Seeds

    Sunflower Seeds

    Country of origin: Egypt Sunflower Seeds have countless health benefits, as they contribute to the promotion of cardiovascular health, and…

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  • Egyptian Mangoes

    The Best Egyptian Mangoes

    Country of origin:  Egypt Egyptian Mangoes are tropical fruits that grow in tropical climates, and are native to India. Mangoes…

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  • exporting potatoes

    Egypt has a historic record in exporting potatoes in 2022

    Country Of Origin: Egypt   exporting potatoes are one of the most important and most consumed foods around the world,…

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  • mandarin oranges

    mandarin oranges

    Country of Origin: Egypt   mandarin oranges are citrus fruits that have a sweet taste and are small in size, and…

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  • exporting onions

    Exporting Onions from Egypt

    Country of Origin: Egypt   Egyptian onion is a cultivar of the onion family that is grown mainly in Egypt.…

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  • exporting egyptian cantaloupe

    Exporting Egyptian Cantaloupe

    Country of Origin: Egypt   Cantaloupe is a warm season crop, which means it is best grown in areas with…

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