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Egyptian Eggplant

Country of origin: Egypt

Egyptian eggplant is considered one of the main agricultural crops in Egypt, as it is grown in large quantities and is very popular in the local and international market. Egyptian eggplant exports are an important part of the country’s agricultural economy and contribute to strengthening international trade relations. In this article, you will discover the volume of Egyptian eggplant exports, and the most important countries importing them.

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The volume of Egyptian eggplant exports

Egyptian eggplant exports are among the most important and prominent agricultural products exported from Egypt. This is due to the high quality and great taste of Egyptian eggplant. According to the official statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture, exports amounted to 3,940,687 tons of agricultural products, and were classified among the most important agricultural exports for this period, with a total of 1,051 tons. Expectations indicate that the volume of exports will continue to grow in the coming years, given the increasing demand for Egyptian eggplant in global markets.

European countries are considered among the most important importers of Egyptian eggplant. These listed countries include Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, and France. The quality of Egyptian eggplant and its availability at competitive prices are motivating factors for its import by these countries. In addition, Arab countries such as Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia import Egyptian eggplant in large quantities to meet the needs of the local market.

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Types of eggplant and their uses

There are many types of Egyptian eggplant, including black eggplant and white eggplant. Eggplant is used in many delicious recipes and famous foods. Thanks to its nutritional value and unique taste, Egyptian eggplant is considered an essential ingredient in Egyptian and international cuisine.

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