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Egyptian Pear

Country of origin: Egypt

Egyptian pears have a variety of varieties and multiple uses, and enjoy a large export volume. Egypt is considered one of the most important countries exporting pears, and there are several countries that import Egyptian pears, such as India, Russia, the European Union, the Middle East, and North Africa.


Egyptian Pear Exports

Egypt has a long history in the pear export industry. The pears from Egypt are famous for their high quality and delicious taste, which increases the demand for the product in global markets. Egyptian pears are exported to several countries around the world, which contributes to increasing the volume of exports and strengthening the Egyptian economy.


The most important importing countries

Egypt is considered one of the most important countries exporting pears.

Countries importing Egyptian pears include: India, Russia, the European Union, the Middle East and North Africa.

These countries are considered major markets for Egyptian pears, as the product is consumed and distributed in these markets.


Types of pears

Pears are an important crop in Egypt, and several types of pears are available in cultivation. Popular varieties in Egypt include:

  1. White pear
  2. Chinese pear
  3. French pear
  4. Italian pear
  5. American pear

These varieties vary in size, texture and flavor, providing a varied experience for consumers.

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Uses of pears

Pears are used in a variety of recipes and dishes. It can be eaten as a fresh and refreshing fruit, and can also be used in preparing juices, jams, soft drinks and desserts.

Pears are considered to have high nutritional value, as they contain many vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.


The role of AR Company in exporting pears from Egypt

AR plays an important role in supporting the pears from egyptian pear exports industry. The company cooperates with local farmers and producers to source the best egyptian pear exports and ensure their quality and meet global food safety standards.

In addition, AR contributes to the marketing and promotion of egyptian pear exportst at the global level. The company uses innovative marketing strategies and global networks to enhance awareness of Egyptian pears and increase demand in international markets. Thanks to its continuous efforts, AR contributes to strengthening the position of Egyptian pears as a desirable and reliable product worldwide.

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