Egyptian Salt

Country of origin: Egypt

Egypt is considered one of the most important salt-producing countries, due to the large number of sea beaches, the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, as well as many inland lakes, and Egypt is ranked twenty-third among the countries for egyptian salt export

In the next article we will discuss the types of salt and what are the uses and benefits of salt. We will also learn about the most important countries that import salt from Egypt. We will also learn about the services of AR in egyptian salt export

What Are The Types Of Salt

There are many types of salt around the world which makes egyptian salt export one of the top exports, the difference in types is due to the textures, flavors, uses and colors, among the types of salt are the following:

1- Sea salt:

  • This type of salt is obtained from hot and evaporated sea water, where salt crystals are collected after the evaporation of water from them to obtain the lightest and coarsest salt.
  • It may contain some minerals, such as: potassium, iron and zinc.
  • But due to pollution in ocean and sea waters, it may contain some heavy metals such as: mercury and lead.

2- Refined salt:

  • It’s the most common egyptian salt export type, it’s regular table salt, as it’s highly refined to be largely ground and free of most impurities and trace minerals.
  • In addition, this type of salt is highly milled, which makes it prone to clumping, and thus some anti-caking agents are added.

3- Kosher salt:

  • This type of salt is characterized by large and coarse grains, as this type of salt draws blood from the meat before cooking or preparing it.
  • In addition, kosher salt differs from regular table salt only in the structure of the grains, as its grains are larger in size.
  • However when it dissolves, there is no real difference in taste between regular table salt.

4- Rock salt:

  • This type of salt is extracted from underground salt mines.
  • It is characterized by containing more important minerals and nutrients.
  • It can also be used to detoxify meat.
  • It should be noted that it gives a distinctive flavor when added to baked goods.

5- Pink Himalayan salt:

  • Himalayan salt is extracted from the largest mine in Pakistan.
  • This salt contains trace amounts of iron oxide, or rust, which gives it its pink colour.
  • This makes it contain less sodium than regular table salt.

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Different Uses Of Salt

Culinary experts know the importance of salt in recipes, especially as it is an ingredient that, if it is more than required or a little less, may spoil delicious dishes. What many people do not know is that salt has other amazing benefits far from cooking, whether in the kitchen or for other purposes that may not be known. The most important ones come to mind:

  • Reduce the bitter taste of coffee
  • Bee sting treatment
  • refrigerator cleaning
  • Clean cutting boards
  • Bath sponge cleaning
  • Remove bad odors from shoes
  • Remove flower sediment from vases
  • Extinguishing fat fires
  • Getting rid of bad breath
  • Extending the shelf life of milk
  • Rotten egg test
  • Cooling drinks
  • Sore throat treatment
  • Making unbleached candles
  • Dandruff treatment
  • Nail strengthening

The Benefits Of Salt

After we have shown the most common and used types of egyptian salt export, we must mention the benefits of salt in general:

  • Regulating the amount of water in and around the cells of the body.
  • Carries and transports nutrients to and from the cells of the body.
  • It has an active role in the work of the brain.
  • It stimulates digestion and metabolism.
  • Supporting the functioning of the adrenal gland.
  • Maintaining blood pressure.

The Most Important Countries Importing Salt From Egypt

Egypt produces between 2.5 and 3.5 million tons, and about 1.5 tons are consumed for agricultural and industrial purposes, and the rest is exported to European and American countries, as salt is an important economic product that helps the country’s renaissance, and salt is a national wealth whose value decreases when it is exported in Its raw form, and the most important countries that import salt from Egypt:

  • America
  • Syria
  • Greece
  • Lebanon
  • Scotland
  • Italy
  • Turkey
  • England

AR Trading Company Services in egyptian salt export

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At the end of this article, we got acquainted with the many types of salt and the places from which each type is extracted, and we got acquainted with the characteristics of each type and what distinguishes each of them, as we got acquainted with the many uses and also the many benefits of salt, and we also got acquainted with the services of the AR company egyptian salt export

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