Export Coal From Egypt

Country of origin:  Egypt

Egypt has an abundance of coal, and its production constitutes about 3% of the coal production in the world. Coal is exported from Egypt to most Arab and foreign countries. In fact, Egypt ranks eleventh in the world for the export of vegetable charcoal.

Charcoal is considered one of the best types of coal that Egypt exports to Arab and foreign countries. The value of Egypt’s exports of charcoal is about 50 million pounds, which benefits the Egyptian economy. Charcoal is the charcoal that results from charing trees and using it for cooking.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the main importer of Egyptian coal, specifically vegetable charcoal, and it is estimated that 20% of Saudi Arabia’s domestic coal needs are met through Egyptian exports.

The Netherlands comes in second place, as it imports 11% of Egyptian charcoal exports.

Finland comes in third place as it imports 10% of Egyptian coal exports.

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Types of Egyptian coal

Egyptian charcoal is very popular in Arab countries and European Union countries because of its high quality and efficiency. However, there are many types of Egyptian charcoal and each has a specific purpose. There are five types and the best types of Egyptian charcoal. If you are an importer, we recommend using any of these five types of charcoal.

  • Jazzwarine charcoal: It is the most popular type of charcoal used in barbecue. It is characterized by its large size and solid durability. It comes in the form of blocks. It is preferred by restaurant and hotel owners in cooking. It is extracted from Jazzwarine trees, and every farmer knows it. It is planted around the farm to block the wind. It is preferred by importers because customers value quality above all else. .
  • Orange Charcoal: It is very popular in the Arab Gulf countries, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and North Africa, where it is consumed frequently for use in hookah supplies. It is a type of citrus. Citrus charcoal usually has a longer burning time and ignition strength. The rate is 2%.
  • Lemon charcoal: It does not produce any odors that are considered unpleasant, and does not produce any smoke, sparks or crackling, and it burns very hot. Charcoal made from citrus fruits is called citrus charcoal, and it is characterized by being particularly long-lasting.
  • Guava Charcoal: Guava charcoal is very popular in the local market and North African countries where it is frequently consumed due to its excellent quality and price and its use in hookahs and barbecue accessories.
  • Mango Charcoal: It can be used in many things such as power generation, it is used in the process of grilling food, and it can also be used for heating.

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Egyptian charcoal

Since coal is a popular energy resource all over the world, Egypt has been exporting this commodity for years. Coal is available in different grades and sizes and can be used for various purposes such as generating electricity, heating homes, and manufacturing materials.

Egyptian charcoal is famous among the Arab countries and the European Union. The most important characteristics of good charcoal are:

  • carbon content above 400 °C; Otherwise, the quality of the coal decreases.
  • The quality of the wood used plays a major role in the quality of the charcoal.
  • Proper size of charcoal is important because when transported from one place to another, it is liable to break, making it unusable.
  • The moisture content of coal is one of the most important factors in the quality of coal. The lower the humidity, the lower the quality.

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