Frozen Vegetables

Country of origin:  Egypt

Frozen vegetables are a popular food item all over the world and as such a number of different countries have specific standards that frozen vegetables must meet in order to be allowed into their markets for example frozen vegetables must comply with EU market quality requirements and ensure That the vegetables meet the same quality standards as those available in the country, and that they are free from any harmful contaminants and following these guidelines, You can export frozen vegetables from Egypt to markets all over the world

export agriculture can provide a number of benefits to both the producer and the consumer. For the producer, exporting can increase revenues and profits and also help in promoting agricultural development and improving food security.

For the consumer, exporting can lead to lower prices and exporting can help reduce environmental impact and improve sustainability

Export Frozen Vegetables

In order to ensure the quality and safety of your products it is important to comply with the requirements of the Codex Alimentarius. In addition, you must follow the import procedures of each country to which you plan to export

Frozen vegetable packaging

  • The European Union is the largest global market for frozen fruits and vegetables, and frozen vegetables are among the main export commodities from Egypt like onion export
  • Frozen vegetables must comply with specified safety and quality requirements in order to be exported to different countries of the world
  • Frozen vegetables should be properly packaged to prevent damage during transportation and storage
  • Moreover, the exported frozen vegetables must meet the environmental requirements in the destination country
  • By following these standards, producers can improve their quality and safety standards while also complying with environmental requirements in the destination country

Frozen vegetable production lines

Frozen vegetable production lines to produce frozen vegetables that comply with the standards for export frozen vegetables to different countries of the world use a variety of technologies, including freezing, packaging and labeling to ensure that the products being exported are safe and in line with the standards required by different countries.

AR trading company services

AR import export company works in trading and export frozen vegetables from Egypt. Their mission is to provide high quality, safe and sustainable frozen vegetables to customers all over the world by establishing a strong network of suppliers and exporters in Egypt, enabling them to offer a wide range of products at competitive prices.

They specialize in IQF Frozen Vegetables and Fruits, supplying a variety of wholesalers and private label suppliers of premium brands, with their BRC certified products, AR Trading is committed to providing the highest standards of quality assurance throughout the production process from raw material sourcing to finished products shipment

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