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Exporting Egyptian Cantaloupe

Country of Origin: Egypt


Cantaloupe is a warm season crop, which means it is best grown in areas with warm summer climates

It is also a popular fruit for export and is currently the fifth most important fruit to be exported from Egypt. Cantaloupe can be grown in different places in Egypt, but the best production is usually done in open fields. Egyptian cantaloupe can also be exported to Arab and Gulf markets.

If you can meet these requirements and have the necessary equipment, growing cantaloupe in Egypt is definitely possible

Cantaloupe Melon Benefits

  • Cantaloupe is a delicious and refreshing fruit that is enjoyed all over the world and is a popular vegetable for cultivation in Egypt and can be grown in various climates.
  • Cantaloupe is rich in fiber and is a very useful food if you are interested in growing cantaloupe in Egypt
  • It is also a versatile crop that can be exported to a variety of markets
  • The benefits of exporting cantaloupe from Egypt include rapid growth, long-term benefits, and increased trade
  • With increased trade comes increased responsibility and Egyptian exporters are poised to meet the global demand for cantaloupe
  • It is from the cucurbit family and is a very popular summer fruit. It is distinguished by its low price and is popular with consumers
  • Cantaloupe also contains vitamins C, B6 and A, in addition to being high in fiber.
  • In addition, it contributes to the prevention of asthma, helps to relax the body, facilitates sleep, and is useful in increasing the profits of farmers. However, it requires large areas in agriculture

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Cultivation of Egyptian Cantaloupe

If you are looking to grow and export cantaloupe in Egypt, you will need to follow some guidelines:

  • First, you will need to find a suitable location for your farm
  • Cantaloupe is a summer crop, so look for a spot that is warm and has good sunlight
  • You will also need to grow the appropriate variety of cantaloupe for the Egyptian market
  • The most popular variety for export is the honey cantaloupe, which is sweet and has a mild flavour
  • Cantaloupes are grown during three harvests throughout the year – summer harvest, early fall harvest, and late fall harvest
  • The summer harvest season starts in mid-February and lasts until April
  • The early fall crop is sown in May-June.
  • The late fall harvest season, which is sown in the Delta, North Upper Egypt and Aswan governorates, begins in mid-July and continues until October
  • Finally you will need to harvest your crops in the correct season
  • The cantaloupe crop is one of the crops that tolerate soil salinity and can be grown in 3 types of lands, including well-drained loamy lands, yellow lands, and sandy lands, and it must be ensured that all lands are free of nematodes

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Egyptian Cantaloupe

  • If you are interested in growing and exporting cantaloupe in Egypt, there are a few things you will need to take into consideration
  • First, the cantaloupe is a seasonal fruit, and is best grown in temperate climates
  • Secondly, cantaloupe requires plenty of sunlight and well-drained soil to grow successfully
  • You will need to follow standard agricultural export practices to ensure that the cantaloupe reaches its destination in good condition
  • By following these tips, you can grow and export Egyptian cantaloupe and enjoy great profits along the way

Types Of Cantaloupe

There are different types of cantaloupe that can be grown in Egypt and all of them are suitable for cultivation in temperate climates, here are some of the most popular varieties

  • Leafy: large fruits weighing about 60 kg, the outer color of the fruit is yellow-green ribbed, and the inside is white, with a slightly sweet taste. It is a commonly cultivated variety
  • Rock Honey: an early variety suitable for local use and export. The fruits are semi-circular, weighing about 3 pounds, and the skin is hard, with a green-gray color.
  • Kizan Honey: Its fruit is small and very sweet
  • Palestinian Cantaloupe: The fruits are oval in shape, not ribbed, and its juice has a delicious flavor and color

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