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Country of origin:  Egypt

Due to the high quality of exporting egyptian marble and the high purity that is required in international standards for the exporting egyptian marble and granite, exporting egyptian marble is an important material of building materials that is included on the list of Egyptian building materials export. This is because of the quality of Egyptian marble for export. Egypt made money from its exports in the first three months of the year 2020 was, around 42 million dollars.

exporting egyptian marble

Marble is a kind of metamorphic rock that is produced from limestone by the application of heat and pressure during the process of metamorphism. It is mainly made up of the calcite mineral (CaCO3) and often includes additional minerals such as clay minerals, mica, quartz, pyrite, iron oxides, and graphite. The circumstances necessary for metamorphism cause calcite to crystallize in limestone, resulting in forming a mass rock composed of interlocking calcite crystals.

Marble and granite from Egypt are considered among the world’s finest examples of their respective stone types because of their exceptional polymorphism, affordability, quality of manufacture, longevity, and abrasion resistance.

Marble suppliers in Egypt

Egypt has a wealth of experience in the industry of marble extraction, as well as the provision of marble to international markets with requirements that are higher than those of the Egyptian domestic market. First, we will go over the most important exporting egyptian marble companies.


AR Export Company 

The firm has a great deal of expertise in this industry. It exports marble to many nations in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Jordan, as well as several countries in other parts of the world and in Europe.

AR Trading Company is one of the marble export firms in Egypt. The company exports the greatest and finest varieties of marble from Egypt to all nations across the world.

Egyptian marble tiles

Various kinds of Egyptian marble are available for export, beginning with the Sunny marble, considered one of the most opulent varieties of marble. This type of marble is typically used in the facades of palaces and luxury villas, as well as floors, entrances, and stairs, due to its luxurious and elegant shape as well as the sinks and floors, particularly in the kitchen, installed in homes with Galala Fahs marble, one of the varieties of Egyptian marble that is exported and are popular.

There are also the following kinds available for export:

  • The Egyptian marble known as Al-Bastir, which is resistant to the causes that cause erosion, is unaffected by water, and transmits light without being opaque, is the kind of marble that is often used for flooring, walls, and stairs.
  • One of the finest varieties of Egyptian marble, Silvia marble is a popular choice for cladding interior and outdoor walls and floors and for usage in swimming pools.
  • Since albreccia marble may be utilized for a variety of interior design applications, it is the kind of marble that is most in demand for exporting egyptian marble to nations all over the globe.
  • Felto marble is a natural stone and marble that is cut and polished by professionals before being used in kitchens and swimming pools. It is one of the most expensive forms of marble because of its usage in these settings.

Standard specifications for exporting egyptian marble

Egyptian marble is exported to approximately 87 countries all over the world, including five countries that accounted for 50.2% of Egypt’s total exports of marble and granite, which totaled $21.07 million and had a volume of approximately 239.68 thousand tonnes; in order for this export to function legally, Egypt is required to prepare a set of documents, which include the following:

  • If you want to exporting egyptian marble, construction materials, or granite, you will need to present an exporters register.
  • Submit the approval of mines and quarries at the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources
  • Setting a new standard for marble and quarrying technologies.

The firm responsible for carrying out the exporting egyptian marble procedure should register itself as a member of the Federation of Egyptian Industries.

Since Egyptian marble is regarded as a significant construction material, it is exported from Egypt to all countries of the Arab and Western world through Egyptian companies that specialize in exporting Egyptian marble. However, the exporting company must first obtain a license to operate in Egypt in accordance with Egyptian law.

The company reaches agreements in the required marble. These most important specifications must be provided, and lists them in the contracts along with the required quantity and prices, payment methods, shipping methods, and the date of receipt. These are important terms that take place between the company that exports the marble and the company that imports it.

Egyptian marble volume of export

According to a statement that was released by the Export Council of Building Materials (ECBM), Egyptian marble and granite were shipped to a total of 72 nations, 19 of which were first-time buyers.

The total amount of goods exported totaled 393,772 tonnes, of which 65.8 percent was sent to China.

The most import countries of Egyptian marble

  • Saudi Arabia was the leading importer of granite and marble with $8.697 million, which is a 42% increase compared to the same time last year. Libya came in second place with imports of $7.802 million, which is a decrease from the $10.766 million that was imported during the same period last year.
  • Granite and marble exports to France had phenomenal growth of 254 percent, resulting in a total value of $4.203 million. The value of marble and granite sent to Lebanon and Morocco reached a record $3.148 million and $1.723 million, respectively, after increases of 64 and 22 percent, respectively.
  • According to the study, the total value of granite and marble sent to Britain and Northern Ireland came to $1.545 million.
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