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Egypt has a historic record in exporting potatoes in 2022

Country Of Origin: Egypt


exporting potatoes are one of the most important and most consumed foods around the world, and the potato name came from the Latin word (Solanum tuberosum) and its origin goes back to the Andean highlands in South America, and it is one of the most important sources of carbohydrates in human food, and it is currently considered the fourth most important crop in the world after wheat and rice. And maize, because of its high exports and nutritional value.

Many accuse potatoes of being the cause of weight gain and obesity and not giving them health benefits, so some avoid eating them if they try to stick to a healthy diet, and in return some use potatoes for some health and therapeutic purposes. Through this article, we will learn about all the information about Egypt’s export of potatoes in 2022 .

Varieties of potatoes in Egypt

Now we will tell you the most important varieties of potatoes that are grown in Egypt:

The first type is early maturing and it divide into:

  • Yarla: It is one of the types that are widely cultivated and available in any region, and it is one of the agricultural crops that gives a lot of good production, and one of its advantages is that it is suitable for the Egyptian market.
  • Claudia: It is the one that is cultivated for a period ranging from 90 days to 100 days, and it must be planted beside the Nile, especially in the eighth month, and one of its advantages is that it tolerates storage for long periods and is called the storage of seedling.
  • Mona Lisa: And it is called the Mubkala, because it is a potato that is shaped like a circular or oval shape, and is yellow in color from the inside and outside.

The second type is half-early and it divide into:

  • King Edward: It is cultivated during a period of 105 days to 110 days in Egypt, but if it is cultivated in European countries, it is grown in 90 days, and one of its disadvantages is the intolerance of high temperatures.
  • Ajax: It is one of the types that are cultivated during a period of 105 days to 110 days, and which are grown in Lower Egypt because they do not tolerate high temperatures, and one of its advantages is that it can be exported to Germany.

The third type is semi-late maturing and it divide into:

  • Desiree: It is like the type called Yarla
  • Nicola: It is shaped like an oval and is long, yellow in color inside and outside the fruit, and its texture is soft and its eyes are superficial in shape.

exporting potatoes dates

The season for exporting potatoes starts from August to September, and potatoes are the second most important export crop for Egypt after citrus fruits, with quantities exceeding 650,000 tons annually.

Egyptian exports volume of potatoes in the foreign markets

The ministry stated that the total export agriculture during the period from January 1, 2022 to June 22, 2022 amounted to about 3,759,431 tons of agricultural products, among the most important details of exporting potatoes.

The ministry indicated that a report on Egypt’s exporting potatoes has achieved a record for the first time in the history of Egypt, as it exceeded the largest export figure, which is 816 thousand tons from January until now to the markets of Asian and Arab countries, as well as the markets of the European Union, with an increase of 200 thousand tons for the same period last year.

exporting potatoes topped the second place with more than 3 million tons of the total exports of Egyptian agricultural products for the year 2022 in the global markets.

The most important importing countries for Egyptian potatoes

The following countries are among the most important importers of potatoes from Egypt:

  • Italy by 12.8%
  • Lebanon by 9.4%
  • UAE by 7.2%
  • Germany by 6.3%
  • Greece by 9.3%
  • United Kingdom by 9.2%

The Ministry of Agriculture confirmed that new markets will be opened for exporting potatoes for the year 2023 to the Philippines and South Korea


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