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Green Beans

Country of origin: Egypt

Green beans are considered one of the most famous vegetables. In this article, you will discover the different types of green beans, their various uses, the volume of green beans exports from Egypt, and the most important countries exporting and importing them.


green beans exports from Egypt

Statistics indicate that the volume of Egyptian green bean exports has increased significantly in recent years. In 2020, the value of Egyptian green bean exports amounted to approximately 153 million US dollars.

Egypt targets several major markets for exporting green beans, including European and Middle Eastern markets. The European Union, including the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom, are considered among the most important importing markets for Egyptian green beans.

Egypt pays great attention to the quality of green beans exports. The Egyptian authorities are working to impose strict quality and food safety standards for exported products. Exporting companies are keen to comply with these international standards, such as European quality standards (such as the EU High Quality Standard) and food safety standards (such as the HACCP Food Safety Management System).


The most important countries importing Egyptian green beans

Egypt is considered one of the most prominent countries of green beans exports in the region. The most important countries that import Egyptian green beans include:

  • European Union: The European Union is a major market for Egyptian green beans. The main EU member states that import these crops are countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France and the United Kingdom.
  • Middle East: Countries in the Middle East also import green beans from Egypt. These countries include the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman.


Reasons for the increased demand for Egyptian green beans exports in international markets

  1. Product quality: Egypt benefits from a competitive advantage in producing high-quality green beans thanks to the fertile soil, suitable climate, and long-standing agricultural experience. This makes Egyptian products desirable to international buyers looking for high quality and added value.


  1. Quality and food safety standards: Egypt adheres to international standards of quality and food safety in the production and export of green beans. Products are tested according to globally recognized standards, ensuring that the products meet the stringent quality and safety requirements of international markets.


  1. Available all year round: Green beans in Egypt are grown in rows. This allows Egypt to provide green beans sustainably and continuously throughout the year, which meets the growing demand for the product in global markets.


  1. Healthy consumption trends: The world is witnessing an increasing trend towards healthy food and plant-based, vegetarian and vegan diets. In this context, green beans are an ideal choice for consumers looking for healthy alternatives rich in plant protein. The growing interest in health and healthy nutrition is an important factor in increasing the demand for Egyptian green beans.

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AR Company’s role in helping of green beans exports

AR Company is a company specialized in the field of exports and imports. AR Company manages the logistics and shipping operations of Egyptian green beans exports and facilitating the smooth flow of goods to international markets. And also help in complying with international standards and facilitating trade relations


Types of green beans

There are many different types of green beans available, including:

  • Regular green beans: These are the most common types and are distinguished by their green skins and white beans.
  • Haricot Green Beans: They are characterized by their small, straight beans and are commonly used in East Asian cooking.
  • Green leaf beans: The leaves of this type are consumed similarly to spinach leaves and are characterized by their high nutritional value.


Uses of green beans

Green beans are distinguished by their versatility in food and cooking. Main uses include:

  • Cooking meals.
  • Salads and appetizers.
  • Processing canned and frozen food products.
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