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Egyptian dates

Country of origin: Egypt

Saudi Arabia and Egypt both have a significant advantage in exporting egyptian dates. In 2021, Saudi Arabia ranked first in terms of value, with date exports amounting to $324 million. In comparison, Egyptian date exports amounted to $326 million

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture indicated that Saudi Arabia has a clear comparative advantage in date exports and this means that the two countries are poised to benefit from the continued growth of the industry in the coming years.


The exports of egyptian dates

Egypt is working hard to double its exports of egyptian dates annually in the coming years. To this end, it started production in the largest date farm, covering 40,000 acres. During the export season, Egypt exported about 43,000 tons of fresh and semi-dry dates, at a value of 52 million dirhams.

Egyptian date exports to Malaysia also witnessed a boom in the first quarter of 2022, as $2.301 million of dates were exported.

The Egyptian government organized a workshop on the impact of climate change on the future of palm cultivation in Egypt. The workshop was attended by a number of date producing companies and their factories with the aim of developing egyptian dates

Egypt is the eighth largest producer of egyptian dates in the world, and its exports have grown steadily in recent years. This is likely due to the growing demand for dates in global markets, as well as the quality and variety of dates available from Egypt.


The best types of Egyptian dates

There are many different types of dates available in Egypt, each with its own unique flavor and texture. Egypt is famous for the variety and quality of the dates it produces. Among the most famous types of dates in Egypt are:

  • Barhi dates are known for their sweet taste
  • While Khodari dates are known for their sweet flavor and relatively low price
  • Medjool dates are large in size and have a soft texture, which makes them preferred for use in baking and cooking
  • Khadrawi dates are small, dark-colored dates that are often used in desserts
  •  Deglet Nour dates are characterized by their reddish-brown color and sweet flavour
  • Al-Zahidi dates have a nutty taste and have a thick skin with a golden color
  • Mabroum dates are considered one of the excellent varieties of dates, and they are distinguished by their long shape and red color. They are among the best quality dates and the best in terms of taste
  •  Hayani dates, which grow in Egypt, are dark red or black in color with a sweet taste
  •  Finally, Siwi dates are among the most popular types of dry dates found in the New Valley, the Oases, and Fayoum


Saudi production of dates

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest producer of dates in the world, in 2014, the Kingdom produced more than one million tons of dates as there are more than 25 million palm trees that provide the country with the shade and moisture needed to grow dates

Saudi dates are sold in a variety of markets around the world.


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