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Egyptian Guava

Country of origin: Egypt

Egyptian guava is one of the famous tropical fruits loved all over the world. It is distinguished by its distinctive flavor and many nutritional benefits. In this article, you will discover the different types of Egyptian guava, their various uses, how to import guava from egypt, and the importance of their exports to the Egyptian economy, in addition to the role that AR plays in facilitating the guava export process.


The volume of Egyptian guava exports

Egypt occupies a prominent position as one of the largest producers and exporters of guava in the world. Annual Egyptian guava exports are considered one of the main sources of hard currency for the Egyptian economy. The volume of exports changes from year to year according to influencing factors such as production, global demand, and agricultural seasons, but Egyptian guava exports remain continuous and increasing.

The Egyptian Minister of Agriculture confirmed that total agricultural exports during the period from January 1, 2023 until July 5, 2023 amounted to about 4 million, 654 thousand and 246 tons of agricultural products, an increase of 717 thousand and 896 tons over last year, which amounted to about 3 million and 936 thousand and 350 during The same period in 2022

He also pointed out that Egyptian citrus exports reached one million and 900 thousand tons, according to a report the minister received from Ahmed Al-Attar, head of the Egyptian Agricultural Quarantine, on Egyptian agricultural exports during the first half of the year, Minister of Agriculture.

The agricultural quarantine report indicated that the most important agricultural exports are citrus fruits, potatoes, fresh onions, sweet potatoes, pomegranates, garlic, strawberries, beans, guava, tomatoes, and grapes.

The total agricultural exports of citrus fruits reached 1,894,120 tons, and guava ranked tenth in Egyptian agricultural exports with a total quantity of 9,507 tons.


Egypt is one of the most important countries exporting guava

Egypt has a strong export base for guava to many countries around the world.


The most important countries to import guava from egypt

Egyptian guava is famous for its quality and unique taste, which leads to increased demand for it in many countries. Among the main countries to import guava from egypt, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, and Saudi Arabia can be mentioned. These countries use guava in the local market and also in the manufacture of drinks and sweets.

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Types of guava

Egyptian guava is distinguished by its diverse types, and includes a variety of famous varieties. Among these types, we can mention:

  1. White guava
  2. Red guava
  3. Drained guava
  4. Central guava

These varieties vary in color, size and flavour, providing diverse choices for consumers.


Uses of guava

Guava is versatile in food and non-food industries. Guava can be consumed fresh as a delicious fruit, and can also be made into juices, jams, soft drinks and desserts. Guava is also a popular ingredient in the cosmetics, skincare and personal care products industry thanks to its natural benefits.


AR Company’s role in helping you export guava

AR Company is one of the leading Egyptian companies in the field of exporting guava and other agricultural products. The company plays an important role in facilitating the export process of Egyptian guava by providing experience and knowledge in the field of exports. AR Company works to meet customer requirements and ensure the quality of guava products and compliance with international standards.

Egyptian guava enjoys international fame and the demand for it is increasing in global markets. Its variety of types and diverse uses make it a desirable fruit in many industries. The guava export sector is considered one of the main sources of hard currency for the Egyptian economy. Through companies like AR, the process of exporting guava is facilitated, trade cooperation with countries that import guava from egypt is enhanced, and the Egyptian economy is strengthened.

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