Egyptian Detergents

Country of origin:  Egypt

Importing detergents from Egypt rank fourth in terms of the value of Egypt’s exports in 2022, as Egypt has a wide range of commodities available for export. Because the country places great emphasis on the quality of its commodities, expands its definition of Egyptian commodities to countries all over the world, and ensures that it meets all standards set by the European Union, the United States, and Arab countries. In addition, Egypt takes care of every single product, whether it is agricultural crops, detergents, or materials Manufactured, natural or petroleum food.

According to a recent report by the Chemicals and Fertilizers Export Council, Egypt’s exports of detergent chemicals increased in the first half of this year, rising to $4.33 billion, representing a 35% increase compared to the $3.21 billion that was recorded, in the first half. From 2021.

The volume of exports of detergents and chemicals

The Council noted that most manufactured goods exports had witnessed growth, albeit at different rates.

  • Inorganic chemicals came in third place, as their revenues increased by 148%, from $273 million to $677 million.
  • As for the fourth place, it went to detergents, which increased revenues by 15%, from $125 million to $144 million.
  • Diversified Chemicals ranked seventh, achieving a growth rate of 28% as its revenue increased from $101 million to $129 million over the year.

Despite the decrease in Egyptian exports to the Turkish market by 1% over the past year, Turkey remains at the top of the list of the most important Importing detergents from Egypt markets for manufactured goods in the chemical industries sector, with a total value of $491 million.

Importing detergents from Egypt

Importing detergents from Egypt such as soaps, organic surfactants, washing preparations, lubricating preparations, polishing or scouring preparations, synthetic waxes, prepared waxes, lubricating preparations, and similar things, toothpaste, dental wax, and dental preparations based on plaster, with a total value of $266 million in Egyptian exports in 2021.

Cumulative exports in the commodity group from Egypt reached $230 million in 2020, and sales of the commodity group from Egypt increased by 15.5% compared to 2020, an increase of $35 million.

0.653% of Egypt’s total exports consisted of the group’s 34 commodity exports. The cumulative total merchandise exports from Egypt amounted to $40 billion in 2022. Compared to 2020, the cumulative exports from Egypt were equivalent to $26 billion.

Through AR Trading Company, we can help you take advantage of the tremendous growth in the Egyptian detergent industry, driven by the localization of the latest manufacturing technology and the openness of Egypt to global markets. Demand for detergents is also growing thanks to the disruption in supply chains as a reflection of geopolitical tensions and epidemics globally. In terms of economic viability, investing in exporting and Importing detergents from Egypt is a profitable business. The sector enjoys a latent value, especially with the presence of advantages such as the cost of labor and the application of modern quality policies, which gives preference to the Egyptian product.

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