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Egyptian Strawberry

Country of origin: Egypt

Egyptian strawberries are a versatile food item, They can be eaten fresh as a snack or added to fruit salads and desserts, Strawberries are also used in making jams, juices and frozen desserts thanks to their high nutritional value and high vitamin and fiber content, strawberry export are a healthy and delicious choice for many.


The volume of Egyptian strawberry export

Egyptian strawberry exports are among the main agricultural sectors in Egypt. According to statistics, the volume of Egyptian strawberry exports during the past year reached a significant amount. This is due to the high quality of Egyptian strawberries and their ability to compete internationally.

Ahmed Abu Al-Yazid added during a phone call that Egypt is first in the world in exporting frozen strawberries, and we annually export approximately 215 thousand tons of frozen strawberries, which constitute 6% of total food exports, and it ranks fifth in the production and export of strawberries in the world.

Ahmed Abu Al-Yazid confirmed that we also export fresh strawberries and strawberry seedlings at approximately 36 million seedlings annually, so exports for the first time exceed 6.3 million tons, with a total of approximately 3.6 billion dollars.

Earlier, the doctor said that the volume of agricultural exports for the first time in Egypt’s history reached 6 million and 300 thousand tons, a major achievement, with an increase of about 530 thousand tons over last year, which means that there is a dollar proceeds from this export exceeding 3 billion dollars.

Dr. Ahmed confirmed in a telephone interview on Extra News channel that the political leadership is keen to have our Egyptian exports of all products reach $100 billion, explaining that this achievement represents confidence in Egyptian production, high confidence, and high security for consumer safety.

Egypt is considered one of the most important strawberry exporting countries in the world. Egypt is characterized by its suitable climate and the availability of large agricultural areas, which contributes to the production of large quantities of high-quality strawberries.

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The most important countries that import strawberry from Egypt

The European Union, especially the Netherlands, Germany and Britain, is considered one of the most important countries importing Egyptian strawberries. Egyptian strawberries are also exported to Middle Eastern and North African countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Algeria. AR Company works as an important interface in facilitating and organizing the export process of Egyptian strawberries, as it works to reach new markets and provide logistical support.


The role of AR Company in exporting strawberries

AR Company plays a vital role in supporting the export process of Egyptian strawberries and enhancing its presence in global markets. AR also carries out packaging, shipping and marketing operations, and contributes to developing the distribution network and facilitating the export process of Egyptian strawberries.


Strawberry types

Egyptian strawberries enjoy a variety of types, as several varieties are grown that have unique advantages.

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Egyptian strawberries are considered a distinctive agricultural product that is very popular in global markets. It is distinguished by its diverse types and multiple uses, and enjoys customer satisfaction in many countries. Egyptian strawberry exports play an important role in supporting the Egyptian economy and enhancing its position in the global arena. Thanks to AR Company’s role in supporting the export process, Egyptian farmers can achieve successful and sustainable strawberry exports

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