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Egyptian White Beans

Country of origin: Egypt

Egypt is one of the largest exporters of white bean exports in the world. White beans are grown in different regions of the country, which contributes to the availability of large quantities for export. Egyptian white beans enjoy a high reputation thanks to their quality and high nutritional value, which contributes to increasing demand for them in global markets.


The volume of Egyptian white bean exports

Egyptian agricultural exports achieved a record high during the past months of 2023, estimated at 4 million and 654 thousand tons, after following several measures that contributed to an increase in demand from various markets in the world, according to statements by the official of the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture.

The Egyptian Minister of Agriculture announced that the total Egyptian exports from the beginning of January 2023 until the month of July witnessed an increase of 717 thousand and 896 tons over the same period in the previous year 2022, which recorded 3 million and 936 thousand tons.

According to an official statement from the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture, the most prominent agricultural exports were as follows:

  • Citrus fruits amounted to 1.9 million tons.
  • Fresh potatoes at 876 thousand and 241 tons.
  • Onions, a total of 323 thousand and 783 tons.
  • Grapes: 94,660 tons.
  • Beans are in fifth place with 73,889 tons


The most important countries exporting and importing Egyptian white beans

Egypt is considered one of the leading countries in white bean exports.

As for the countries importing Egyptian white beans, they include: China, the United Kingdom, and European countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, and Italy.

These countries are major markets for Egyptian white beans, where they are widely consumed and distributed in wholesale and retail trade.


Types of Egyptian white beans

White beans are considered one of the famous and beloved varieties in the Egyptian and international markets. Several types of white beans grown in Egypt are available, including pea white beans, regular white beans, and frozen white beans. These species vary in size, texture and taste, providing diverse options for consumers and the food industry.

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Uses of Egyptian white beans

white bean exports are a main ingredient in many diets and dishes in Egypt and around the world. They are used in recipes for salads, soups, side dishes, canned and frozen foods, seafood, and various main dishes. White beans are rich in protein, dietary fiber and other nutrients, making them a healthy and nutritious choice.


The role of AR Company in exporting Egyptian white beans

AR plays a vital role in helping the Egyptian white bean exports industry. The company acts as an intermediary between farmers and international buyers, and fully coordinates the export process and all related shipping, clearance, and other services. AR cooperates with a wide range of global companies and buyers to facilitate the export of Egyptian white beans with high quality and competitive prices. The company provides comprehensive logistics services and strict quality control to ensure that products reach global markets in excellent condition and on time.

In short, Egyptian white beans are a valuable product in the global market, and AR plays an important role in facilitating their export and meeting the needs of international customers. The company leverages its extensive experience and knowledge in the export industry and its close collaboration with farmers and buyers to achieve sustainable success in this important sector.

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